What We Offer

Tennis Membership (General Membership) and Tennis Programming

We offer tennis membership which provides access to the facility and court booking privileges.  Additional junior and adult programming is available:

  • LE PETIT: This program is an entry level tennis program for children turning 4 in the current year to children just finishing kindergarten. Participants are introduced to the game of tennis through story telling and imaginative play. Unique appropriately sized equipment is provided for the program. Le Petit runs 4 days a week at different times each day.
  • JUNIOR: Our junior program is for school age children who have just completed grade one or higher. Players are grouped by school grade just completed and from time to time by ability as well. Junior program classes run 4 days a week at different times each day and include instruction and game play.
  • HIGH SCHOOL/UNIVERSITY: This group has been set up so that those with summer jobs can participate in tennis around their work schedules. Players may attend the 7-12 grade classes or the adult programs. On Thursday evening there is game play session dedicated to this group.
  • LADIES' LESSONS: In this program lessons are provided twice a week for 90 minute sessions each and include a combination of instruction and game play. Players may be divided according to level of play depending on those participating.
  • MEN'S LEAGUE: These sessions are set up as drop in doubles and singles game play. Occasional group lessons from a guest coach may be provided.

Membership Fees for 2023:

  • General membership: $25 per person
  • Program registration: $45 per person

Seniors and Family Lawn Sport Play Area

This membership is included in the general membership, but can be purchased separately as well.  This includes access Bocce Ball, Horseshoes, Croquet and Shuffleboard.  Memberships can be purchased for individuals or families.

Membership Fees for 2023:

  • Membership: $10 per person
  • $25 per person family
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